Ivano-Frankivsk leads the ranking of transparency in investment sector

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Recently, an article about the inaccuracies of comparing economic indicators from Ivano-Frankivsk to economic indicators from the city of Vinnytsia was posted on “Firtka”.  Data on the economic growth of these cities are falsely submitted. Deputy Mayor Bohdan Bilyk explained that Ivano-Frankivsk is one of the leaders among Ukrainian cities in attracting direct investments, and that …



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The governing body of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2014-2020 has published a list of projects that will receive funding under the second competition. Among the winners is the project “Cross-border Green Transport Network”, which was developed and submitted by the Investment Policy Depatment in partnership with the CO “Teple Misto”, City of Baia-Mare, City …


Erasmus for young entrepreneurs invites young entrepreneurs to take part in an international exchange program

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If you are ready to develop your business not only in Ukraine, but also looking for partners abroad, then this program is for you! The Erasmus project is a cross-border exchange program that enables new, young and ambitious entrepreneurs to acquire skills and knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs who own small businesses in other participating countries, …


The USA Embassy in Kyiv announces the Small Grantee-2018 Contest for a US Embassy’s Cultural Heritage Grant

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The program aims to preserve cultural monuments, museum exhibits or collections, and forms of expression of traditional culture. Qualified institutions can participate in the competition. According to the Foundation’s definition, these are registered non-governmental organizations, museums, cultural institutions or similar institutions that prove that they have the appropriate experience and can manage projects for the …


From today, a new employee is working in Investment policy department

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Let us to introduce Eric Fein – Peace Corps volunteer, a graduate of Yale University! The volunteer will work in the structural subdivisions of the executive committee of Ivano-Frankivsk city council for 2 years, will help to improve the knowledge and skills of city council employees, partner organizations, as well as citizens in the field …


“Cross-border green transport network”

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On October 18, a working meeting was held with the Sergey Zamari  – representative  the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI CBC Programme 2014-2020 and Oksana Shyychuk –  representative of the Programme office in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, where it was informed about the selection of project “Cross-border green transport network” for co-financing. Investment policy department in the person of the …