“Epsilon LTD”

Limited Liability Company Inter-Sectional Research-Manufacturing Center “Epsilon LTD”



Main activities: development and production of damage-resistant powder coating material. Producing, restoring and strengthening equipment so that it will function in extreme abrasive conditions. Manufacturing of welded steel structures. Providing services for welding, surfacing, soldering and gas-powder coating including cast iron, stainless steel, alloyed steel, copper and brass.


Conducting research and development in the fields of tribology, metallography, welding and powder metallurgy.


Official representatives of Ukrainian interests in the field of welding and surfacing materials for the company Lastek n.v. (Belgium).


Consumer categories: power engineering, mining, mining, construction, woodworking industry; mechanical engineering, metallurgy; manufacturers of cement, brick, emergency drilling tools, mills, saw blades, pellets, etc.


Contact information: address 76014, Ivano-Frankivsk city, st. Makuh 2E,

tel. (+380342) 559000,

e-mail: epsilon@utel.net.ua, office.epsilon@gmail.com


The site www.epsilon.ltd.ua


Exported goods: powdered damage-resistant electrodes. Designed for electric arc surfacing: protective wear-resistant coatings on functional surfaces of parts, which operate in conditions of intense abrasive influence.


Country of export: Belarus.