Favorable geographical location at the crossroads of important transport routes from East to West, dynamic economic development of Ivano-Frankivsk City promotes the export flow increase of goods and services of local production. The export volumes of Ivano-Frankivsk, in spite of difficult economic situation in the country, is growing. In March 2016 exports amounted to 64.7 million dollars, which is 1.9 times more compared to January-March 2015. The positive ink of foreign trade is 21.6 million dollars.
The nonresidents from 69 countries is our partners in external trade.
Volume of commodity export to EU countries amounted to 58.5 million dollars, or 60.7% of total exports in the city.
The largest export deliveries from the regional center were made to Romania, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Taiwan Province of China and Thailand.
Mechanical and electrical machinery, products of plant and animal origin constitute the basis of city exports. A significant portion of exports is also occupied by shipping products of the chemical or allied industries, wood and timber products, base metals and products from them.
The biggest exporters are: “Electrolux Ukraine” LLC , “Imperovo Foods” LLC, “Ivano-Frankivsk Bread-Baking Complex” TDV, “Lihos” LLC , VTKF “Lasoschi” OJSC, “MICROL” LLC, “Intelkom” LLC.
Export volumes of services by enterprises and organizations amounts to 6.8 million dollars and is determined by the positive dynamics of growth. More than 40 business entities are engaged in foreign trade service operations with 77 partner countries.
Romania, the Czech Republic, the USA, India, UK, Belgium, Sweden are major partner countries in the export of services .
About half of the exports volume of services constitute services for the processing of material resources, transportation, travel services, services in communication, computer and information area.