LLC “Intelcom”



The first toys produced by “Intelcom” Ltd. under the trademark “TechnoK” were sold on the Ukrainian market in 1995. Since then, the company has grown from a small private firm with just several dozen employees to a powerful company known throughout Ukraine and internationally. Their production process incorporates modern technology including design and 3D modeling of new toys to create molds and finished products.


Today, the company successfully distributes toys in many European markets. The company’s products were shipped to Hungary, Slovakia and Poland for the first time. As a result, toys manufactured by Intelcom Ltd. have earned the trust of foreign partners, parents and children in the Baltics. In 2018, the company successfully expanded its sales market to Romania and Croatia.


It is worth noting that all toys are certified both in Ukraine and by the European Union’s Customs office. The authority of the established institution TUV conducted the certification and testing of toys for European markets. The products of TM “TehnoK” tested were not only confirmed for impeccable quality on the EU market, but also passed a safety assessment. All branded toys are safe for children and the environment. They have no sharp edges, contain no dangerous volatile chemicals, are made from high-quality safe materials and are designed in a pleasant color scheme.


LLC “Intelcom” also cares about the environment. To promote this effort, the company successfully introduced the project of a roof solar power plant under the “Green Tariff”.




Contact information: street. Mikitinetskaya, 7a, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 76002


Tel .: +380 (342) 55 94 83




List of goods exported: children’s plastic toys: cars for walks, scooters, swings, cars, tractors, toy kitchens and kitchen sets, toys for playing with sand. Metal Designers. Board Games.


List of countries to export: Poland, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Georgia, Slovakia, Croatia.