Local brands ( ВUKVICA & SHUFLIA)

Shuflia is a shop of accessories made from leather, felt, handmade toys. This is the first open Ukrainian manufacturing, which creates high quality and practical things that you do not want to let out of hands. Combining familiar with unconventional, traditions and trends, constancy and innovation, style and longevity as products and “slightsmile emoticon” idea in general.

Bukvica is a production, which is specialized in silk screen application and tailoring. This is the first Ukrainian production and open workshop of silk printing where you can see how tissue rolls are transformed into qualitative and practical, pleasant to the touch things that you want to wear. This is the place where you can see all the magic of printing on fabric, where from modern ideas and materials are arising excellent gifts for yourself and friends.

The value of these brands lies in transparency of production and the importance of each customer, his wishes and satisfaction from shopping.