Honey Honey Caramel based chewing gum, containing beeswax will be offered to effectively and safely treat periodontitis and by improving gum health and can be applied for other dental cases.

The product was designed to take advantage of the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of honey, applying these uses to effectively treat periodontal disease.

“Periodontitis and periodontal disease after 30 years cause 90% of the dental costs for Ukraine”, (justifying the need for such a product to a representative of the management team) – scientific project manager, Ph.D. Kurt Sergiy, academic of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Professor of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Carpathian National University. V. Stefanik. Today, because of periodontal disease, people need the transition to a long and real examination for teeth and oral safety. It is necessary to include the chronic stage and support people throughout life.

Caramelized honey is used as a basis for “rumination” – they investigate the chemical composition, process the products and in that way are able to significantly increase the caramelization of honey.



This invention is primarily for those who sleep badly. The smart pillow keeps track your sleep quality, remembers how a person sleeps, helps to wake up at the right time without an alarm clock. If you are used to sleep with music, you can customize your favorite playlist or lullaby. This invention also remembers owners’  head shape, monitors heart rate and sleep. Alexander Shymanko,  student of the V.Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, direction “International Relations” is  the author of this invention. Alexander with a team of  like-minded people was working over a year on this device. Project of the gadget “piePillow” has got the first place in the qualifying stage of Ukrainian international conference Falling Walls Lab and a ticket to Berlin for the final stage of the conference. The final stage of the International Conference “Falling Walls Lab 2015” was attended by young inventors from 98 countries. Among them – Alexander Shymanko from Ivano-Frankivsk, that with his invention of “Smart pillow” won the audience award and received the title of “Young Innovator 2015”.



Stafffr  – it`s online employee data, where you can find information about carrier history of each team-member, make a note of employee`s achievement or weakness.

Stafffr – it`s online service that helps to keep and organize all staff information for productive work of your company.

It`s easy to manage all documents inside the company – document flow simply turns now into a digital format – no problem to find an employee`s certificate, CV or birthday dates for next month. This service was developed by Webmil team members. 21-26 February the development team presented this project in the famous American Conference Startup Grind in Silicon Valley.



Navizor – is  the world’s first mobile browser, which takes into account the quality of roads in the planning of automobile routes. This resource offers the route options in automotive and pedestrian modes. In addition to the standard functions of the traditional navigator, Navizor beta has a unique option that when approaching the road with critical conditions or poor quality, warns the driver via a sound signal. This feature allows the driver to take appropriate actions in advance (to reduce speed, to make the maneuver, etc.) in order to avoid a situation of falling into a pit or high-speed entry into the dangerous area of insufficient road. Moreover, thanks to the road sections color marking with different quality, the driver can conveniently orient when you need to move to a safer speed mode of transportation. In service Navizor.com over 187,000 km of roads are already evaluated, more than 96 000 km of which – Ukrainian roads. Reliable information about the roads state is based on more than 219,000 assessments from real users who daily ride and collect relevant information about road conditions in Ukraine. Service developers are calling all automobilists and concerned citizens to join the social initiative for the collection information about the roads state in Ukraine.



IT-company Webmil from Ivano-Frankivsk has created the first platform “Karpaty.ua”, that combines guidebook, events calendar and base of hotels. Due to its unique service, tourists can plan a versatile route and think about where to stay and what to see in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Resource allows you to know about an extreme vacation, routes for walking and cycling. Besides, tourist objects in the guidebook are divided depending on the season. By means of the online service, travelers can find out the dates of interesting events, festivals and see the place of their conduct. In addition, Karpaty.ua allows you to book a hotel or a private mansion alongside interesting places elected for attending.

“We have put ourselves in the place of the user who knows about the Carpathians only that these are the mountains somewhere in Western Ukraine. We tried to implement the most convenient service for those who have never been in Carpathians.” – said the founder of a platform Mykola Semehen, wrote Inspired.



The uniqueness of the resource consists in the fact that any announcement from the user immediately gets on the map and the advert becomes immediately visible to users.  The resource also has a unique database of houses and buildings photos located in Ivano-Frankivsk, which are more than 50 thousand on the website – said the developers of the project UADIM.COM. This portal contains information about the property in 27 thousand Ukrainian settlements. In the plans of developers there is also mobile application UADIM.COM, which will further facilitate the use of this resource.



GasVizor – is a free android-application. The application helps to find quickly and easily the best option for automobile refueling. The user can receive information about current prices for petrol, diesel and gas, browse through reviews and ratings of petrol stations, get directions, and find useful services during all the way.  Program’s server updates the information about petrol stations once a day, about prices – every two hours. The application needs access to the Internet. Users of the app have the opportunity to move to the mobile version of the site for adding the actual prices and editing descriptions of patrol stations. In the mobile application is also possible to estimate the level of a particular petrol stations, and soon it is planning to add the option of payment for services at petrol stations with using a mobile telephone.



LiCo is a mobile application for video material reproduction of practical work and laboratory experiments in accordance with current chemistry programs for secondary education institutions.
LiCo.Organic – software support for the textbook “Organic compounds. Atlas guide “, with the help of which it is possible to read the image of organic compounds and reproduce their three-dimensional image in the mode of added reality.

This is a mobile application that animates school textbooks. The phone program converts ordinary drawings from books into three-dimensional images. Developers assure that this will not only facilitate students learning, but will make it much more interesting. Students point their gadgets to the textbook – and the complex chemical formula of the compound seems to come to life. The mobile application works without the internet, which is very important, because many schools, especially in the mountainous areas, have no access to the network.

The program works in three modes: the first one is the reproduction of the most organic molecule in 3D format, which helps to spatially view this molecule and understand the structure of the student. The teacher no longer needs to talk about virtual valence angles. And there is a chance to clearly see how this molecule looks in space, “says Lilia Madak, one of the developers of the program, associate professor of the chemistry department at the Precarpathian National University named after. V. Stefanyk.