1991 Open Data Incubator opens in Ivano-Frankivsk City

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1991 Open Data Incubator opens in Ivano-Frankivsk City

The selection to the first incubation program 1991 Open Data Incubator started in Ivano-Frankivsk City

The selection process consists of three stages:

– filling the application form online http://1991.vc/if/,

– interviews with selected teams

– final selection due to the results of intensive competition in Ivano-Frankivsk, November 26.

Deadline of submission – November 23!


Startups that solve the problems of Ukrainian citizens, businesses, public authorities using open government / corporate and big data are accepted to participate in the competition:

anti-corruption projects

tools of communication between citizens and city administration

tools for communicating between City Council and local small / medium businesses

reforming of capital systems:

transport / energy consumption / roads / waste / housing and communal services


After becoming a member of Incubator, startup receives office accommodation for incubation programs period, direct contact with the state administration, assistance in accessing government agencies at all levels, free passage of incubation programs, technological support of program Microsoft Bizspark program, access to the best mentors. Meetings and recommendations to potential donors and investors during DemoDay, and the ability to attract media attention.


The successes and achievements of previous graduates of the National Incubators 1991

– received investments (AgriEye, Ecoisme, 007) and scaled to new markets,

– are integrated in the public sector (007, Anti-Corruption Monitor /АCМ, ОpenАDV, Navizor),

– collaborate with the public sector (Clinic without queues implemented by initiative Kyiv Smart City in Kyiv, Medicines Control, Fines UA),

–  cooperate with big corporations through the program of incubation (Navizor, Adtena);

–  found partial donors support (Digital Police).

– were selected to international business incubators and passed/pass the program

(MyHelix/Hubraum, Ecoisme /TechStars, Adtena та Navizor/The DMZ at Ryerson University).


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity! Send the application and give real life to your idea!