Grant for the implementation of the project “Research and preservation of Jewish cultural heritage in the border area”

15.01.2021 Синагога 1 Category: 

We are pleased to announce that we have managed to obtain a grant for the implementation of the project “Research and preservation of Jewish cultural heritage in the border area.” Ivano-Frankivsk positions itself as a city with a rich history, where the traditions and customs of all nationalities are respected. For us, the tourist capitalization …


At the end of 2020 we want to share the good news with you!

31.12.2020 slajd1 Category: 

As part of the competitive selection of regional development projects, we received funding in the amount of UAH 17.3 million. for the implementation of the project “Development of the innovation ecosystem of Ivano-Frankivsk”. The project envisages technical equipment of the open workshop, namely the development of a plan of technological equipment and spatial arrangement of …


Another cross-border cooperation project has been launched

18.11.2020 125955290_842950639794937_7810172888698569475_o Category: 

The first meeting of the partners of the Romania-Ukraine Partnership for Climate Change Mitigation (Part4CM) took place in the New Energy Science Campus. The project provides for the installation of charging stations on solar panels for electric cars. This will expand the network of existing gas stations in the city and improve our environment in …


Winners of the contest “Preservation” of the city’s green lungs “determined

18.11.2020 126154182_842755973147737_4909914614051852482_n Category: 

The competition commission has determined the winners of the competition “Preservation of” green lungs “of the city”. Among the 12 submitted ideas, the best 3 were selected: 🏆Marking of running / walking routes in the village of Vovchynets 🏆CULTURAL FOREST 🏆Let’s save the caves! Congratulations to the winners and we wish the successful implementation of …


Preliminary design for the arrangement of Vovchynets hill

24.07.2020 116212798_744684756288193_754179758787117912_o Category: 

If suddenly someone could not join the public presentation of sketches on the arrangement of recreational areas on Vovchynets Hill in the framework of the project “Management and use of urban forests as a natural heritage in the cities of the Danube region” – all is not lost. You can get acquainted with the draft …


Investment data

06.05.2020 111 Category: 

Enterprises and organizations of the regional center at the expense of all sources of financing during 2019 mastered 4.2 billion UAH of capital investments or 45% of the total regional investment, which per capita is 16.2 thousand UAH (on average in the region – 6 , 8 thousand UAH). At the end of 2019, investors …

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