Production of food and beverages

One of the key drivers of City’s economy is food and beverages production companies.
These companies have been steadily increasing their sales during the last years. The biggest companies in this sector are represented by ODO of Alcohol and Liquor Industry; bakeries (TDV Ivano-Frankivsk Bread-Baking Complex, Ligos LLC, Zaliznychna Pekarnya LLC); confectionery factories (VTKF Lasoschi OJSC, Ivano-Frankivsk Flavouring Factory PJSC); meat factories (Ivano-Frankivsk Meat Factory PJSC); TDV Ivano-Frankivsk Miskmolokozavod, TDV Polonyna (dairy products), Imperovo Foods (egg powder).
To support local producers, there are 98 branded retail outlets, where the products are sold at manufacturer’s price. Additionally, the City conducts exhibition and fair events, and Buy Ivano-Frankivsk Products –Give Job to the City Residents promotional event.