Within the framework of the EU4Business initiative, the EBRD, with the support of the Export Promotion Office, invites Ukrainian food producers to a workshop to be held on August 6 in Kiev

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Within the framework of the workshop you will learn:
– What is interesting for Ukrainian manufacturers of finished products market in Sweden and Denmark: market volume, purchasing power on the market, trends, consumer analysis.
– What do you need to know in order to export food to Sweden and Denmark?
– Features of the business culture of Scandinavian countries, which should be taken into account.
– Program and terms of participation in the Trade Mission to Sweden and Denmark for food manufacturers.

Priority categories of products: organic food, grain crops, honey, confectionery and chocolate, oils, fruits and berries, and products of their processing, tea and coffee.

Participation in the event is free for participants who will fill out the application form and receive confirmation from the organizers.

The event is for Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises, which are planning to enter the market of Sweden and Denmark and are representatives of companies in the sector of food products.

Registration by link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdP1OqtINx6FuGfU7YacaeZO8pYcUA2Gw_QdXg6yLH7t7pZPg/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3imZzhYcMnH75YSqO2jz1G60Tlo1CcaUohurIjR5XtZfZlNxtJ_qha8So

Registration lasts until 12:00, August 2, 2019.